Making Democracy Work

Action Priorities

Detroit League Focus

The LWV of Detroit was the national League's first chapter in Michigan; however, when the City went through bankruptcy, the Detroit chapter became dormant. In 2016, a group of women came together to revive LWV of Detroit, which now includes Hamtramck and Highland Park. Today, the following are our action priorities:

  • Recruiting new members
  • Registering and educating voters
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach and engagement using social media and community events

WCCC Voter Registration
WCCC Voter Registration

Detroit LWV Diversity Statement

In addition to the National League of Women Voters' policy on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the LWV of Detroit has implemented its own Diversity Statement:

We, Detroit League of Women Voters, believe that democracy cannot truly exist without inclusion of all races, nationalities, genders, disabilities, cultures, ages, religions and sexual orientation. We cannot afford to exclude and not utilize the tremendous talents and experience of the diverse backgrounds that have come to the American shores. We as advocates, in the fight for democracy invite, encourage and promote participation in our league of ALL people. Inclusion makes for a strong army and a healthier community. We are ALL in this together.