About Us

We are a non-profit, nonpartisan political organization made up of men and women from Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. We endorse neither candidates nor political parties, but strive to make members of our community better informed at the ballot box; we do this by encouraging reasoned and active participation in local, state, and national politics.

The League of Women Voters of Detroit


The mission of LWV Detroit is to engage our communities by registering new voters and providing educational opportunities regarding governance, decision-making, and public policy.


We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge, and the confidence to participate.

LWV of Detroit will act to inspire good government and transparency so that government is responsive to the needs of its people. We will do this by providing candidate forums, policy studies, and tools to encourage an informed citizenry to participate actively in the political process.


LWV of Detroit believes in the power of people to create a more perfect democracy, and such adheres to specific core values:

  • Grassroots initiatives and consensus-building are the strengths of our organization.
  • Our organization models the principles of good governance.
  • Consider well before taking action and prepare well before beginning to act.
  • Citizenship requires knowledge as well as the ability and will to act.
  • The responsibility of good government rests on the shoulders of its citizens.
  • The rights of citizens at home and abroad are interdependent.

LWV Education Fund

The League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) offers citizen education and research to help Americans perform their civic duties, including exercising their right to vote, particularly those at the greatest risk of disenfranchisement. LWVEF helps to facilitate dialogues that enable communities to bridge political and ideological divides and find common ground on issues of greatest concern. For more information on LWVEF and to support the League’s educational services, go to Give to LWVDETROIT.

Tenant Council Elections

Elections for Tenant Council at Inkster Housing Commission Sites (Left to Right: Debrah Bunkley, JoAnn Spencer, Susan Slattery, and Rhonda Craig)

As a fundraiser, LWV Detroit will hold elections for housing units that need to elect Tenant Councils.  We conduct the election, count the ballots, help the participants with the ballot if needed, report on the results, and certify the elections.  Often the Housing unit needs to establish that they have a duly elected Tenant Council before approaching  HUD for assistance in disputes with the housing unit management. We help them prove that the elections were fair, impartial, and equitable. 

For more information on the Detroit League’s tenant council elections or to inquire about holding tenant council elections for your housing unit(s), please contact LWV Detroit President Rhonda Craig at 313-288-9590 or lwvdetroit@gmail.com.

"The Success of Democracy doesn't depend on a few persons who do great things, but on many persons who do small things faithfully..."

What's Happening @ LWV Detroit

Black and white photo of peaceful march for voting/voter rights

DPL/LWVD Collaborative Series: Erasing the Voting Rights Act

DPL and LWVD continue their collaborative series ⏤ partnering in talks promoting voter education and tools for action ⏤ with the first forum of 2023 entitled Erasing the Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, February 21 at 6 pm.

Image of a virtual meeting

Membership & Board Meeting Schedule for 2022-2023

Detroit League membership meetings are held the third Saturday of every other month. Board meetings are held on the first Monday of every month.

Detroit Public Library/Detroit League Collaborative Series

Offering a virtual forum or webinar every second Tuesday of the month, the DPL/LWVD promote information and education to encourage voter turnout.

Protect the future of democracy. Join the League of Women Voters of Detroit

Who are our members?

LWV Detroit membership is open to men and women (16 or older) who strive to be better informed at the ballot box.

Why Should I Join?

Through membership and participation in League projects you will:

* Gain knowledge and experience through the study and discussion of timely and important topics.

* Discover new interests, develop new skills and learn about crucial issues in your community.

* Make professional contacts and develop lasting friendships.

What Do I Get?

You add your voice to a powerful force of League members from all 50 states, Washington DC, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong.

As an LWV Detroit member, you are also a member of LWV Michigan and LWV United States; you will receive their publications along with the LWV Detroiter newsletter.

How Much Time Does It Take?

That's up to you! Many members choose to support LWV Detroit with annual dues. Your membership alone gives us the political influence needed to build a voice for citizens and a force for change.

How Do I Join?

Join LWV Detroit with our online application or snail mail ⏤ print out the application and send to us.

National League Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the organization’s current and future success in engaging all individuals, households, communities, and policymakers in creating a more perfect democracy.

There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, race, native or indigenous origin, age, generation, sexual orientation, culture, religion, belief system, marital status, parental status, socioeconomic status, language, accent, ability status, mental health, educational level or background, geography, nationality, work style, work experience, job role function, thinking style, personality type, physical appearance, political perspective or affiliation and/or any other characteristic that can be identified as recognizing or illustrating diversity.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are mutually reinforcing. Increased inclusion is associated with increased equity; the majority of organizations with higher inclusion and equity also have greater demographic diversity.


Diversity includes all of the similarities and differences among people, not limited to: gender, gender identity, ethnicity, race, native or indigenous origin, age, generation, sexual orientation, culture, religion, belief system, marital status, parental status, socioeconomic status, appearance, language, accent, ability status, mental health, education, geography, nationality, work style, work experience, job role function, thinking style, personality type, physical appearance, and political perspective or affiliation.

Diversity refers to population groups that have been historically underrepresented in socially, politically, or economically powerful institutions and organizations. These groups include but are not restricted to populations of color, such as African Americans and Blacks, Latinx, Native Americans and Alaska Natives, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. They may also include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations, people with disabilities, women, and other groups.

A team can be diverse and so can an organization. A person is not diverse. Diversity is about a collective or a group and can only exist in relationship to others. A candidate is not diverse—they are a unique, individual unit. They may bring diversity to your team, but they in themselves are not diverse. They are a woman; they are a person of color; they are part of the LGBTQ community.

We commit to increase diversity in the recruitment, retention, and retainment at the national, state, and local level, and in the leadership and executive roles.


Equity is an approach based in fairness to ensuring everyone is given equal opportunity; this means that resources may be divided and shared unequally to make sure that each person has a fair chance to succeed. Equity takes into account that people have different access to resources because of system of oppression and privilege. Equity seeks to balance that disparity.

Improving equity involves increasing justice and fairness within the procedures and processes of institutions or systems, as well as in their distribution of resources, including professional growth opportunities. Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the root causes of outcome disparities within our society.

Equity prioritizes efforts to ensure the most underserved and marginalized among us has as much of an opportunity to succeed as the most well-served and advantaged. By taking into account the various advantages and disadvantages that people face, we work to ensure every person has an equal opportunity to succeed.

We commit to prioritizing equity in the work of the LWV staff, board, and members.


Inclusion is an ongoing process, not a static state of being.

Inclusion is the dynamic state of operating in which diversity is leveraged to create a healthy, high-performing organization and community.

Inclusion refers to the degree to which diverse individuals are able to participate fully in the decision-making processes within an organization or group.

An inclusive environment ensures equitable access to resources and opportunities for all. It also enables individuals and groups to feel safe, respected, engaged, motivated, and valued for who they are and for their contributions toward organizational and societal goals.

While an inclusive group is by definition diverse, a diverse group is not always inclusive. Being aware of unconscious or implicit bias can help organizations better address issues of inclusivity.

We commit to making deliberate efforts to ensure LWV is a place where differences are welcomed, different perspectives are respectfully heard, and every individual feels a sense of belonging and inclusion. We know that by creating a vibrant climate of inclusiveness, we can more effectively leverage our resources to advance our collective capabilities. We commit to working actively to challenge and respond to bias, harassment, and discrimination.

Adopted by League of Women Voters of Michigan February 9, 2019

Detroit League’s Addition to the National League of Women Voters DEI Statement

“We, Detroit League of Women Voters, believe that democracy cannot truly exist without inclusion of all races, nationalities, genders, disabilities, cultures, ages, religions and sexual orientation.  We cannot afford to exclude and not utilize the tremendous talents and experience of the diverse backgrounds that have come to the American shores.  We as advocates, in the fight for democracy invite, encourage and promote participation in our league of ALL people.  Inclusion makes for a strong army and a healthier community.  We are ALL in this together.”


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