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​Advocacy (noun): supporting, defending, or arguing for a cause, proposal, or issue.

Advocacy is at the core of the League’s mission to create and maintain a more perfect democracy that works for all. WE TAKE ACTION. We work to protect voter and voting rights, expand access to the ballot box, and advocate for public policies that affect positive change in the lives of everyone.  The Detroit League looks to our state League (LWVMI) to take action on proposed legislative policy, citizen initiatives, or public policy. Click the button below to learn more about League Action Alerts and how to respond.

For more information on LWVMI Advocacy, click HERE.

⏤Action! All about LWVMI Action Alerts: The League of Women Voters of Michigan uses Action Alerts to engage members statewide in advocacy. This short video explains the importance of Action Alerts in accomplishing the League’s mission.

Go to the LWVUS Take Action webpage for information on taking action at the national level.