LWV April Recap

Here’s a recap of League of Women Voters’ work in April: Putting redistricting on the map with a People Powered Day of Action, partnering with voter rights groups to host a Civic Health Conference, and working to help pass the Washington, DC Admission Act (HR 51).

People Powered Day of Action

Once a decade, state legislators draw up maps that determine where and how we can place our votes. When this process is powered by and for the people, fairer and more equitable maps are created. The League of Women Voters of the U.S. encourages you to join Leagues across the nation to work together to shine a light on the importance of redistricting!

How Political Cartoons Happen

The Detroit Public Library and Detroit League of Women Voters invite you to a collaborative forum on “How Political Cartoons Happen” with guest speakers Mike Thompson, Editorial Cartoonist for The Detroit Free Press, and Henry Payne, a syndicated cartoonist whose work has appeared in The Detroit News. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Payne will discuss their process and approach to developing political cartoons and expressing complex political ideas through their work.

Voices & Votes with Detroit League President

Join Artworks for the Voices and Votes Brownbag Lunch Session where Rhonda Craig, President of Detroit League of Women Voters will present the African American Suffrage Movement: Fighting Against All Sides. Ms. Craig’s presentation offers a brief synopsis of the work of African American women in the suffrage movement who had to fight the male white establishment, white suffragists, and even African American men in the struggle for the right to vote.

LWVMI 2021 Biennial Convention

First Call to LWVMI 2021 Convention ⏤ Defending Democracy is the timely theme for the League of Women Voters of Michigan’s 2021 Biennial Convention, which will be held virtually this year and will running from 6:30 p.m. on Friday, May 21 through Saturday, May 22 at 5:00 p.m.

LWV Education Fund

The LWV Education Fund offers citizen education and research to help Americans perform their civic duties, including exercising their right to vote, particularly those at the greatest risk of disenfranchisement. LWVEF helps to facilitate dialogues that enable communities to bridge political and ideological divides and find common ground on issues of greatest concern, from terrorism to global poverty.