LWVD Committee Work

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The following is a list of Detroit League committees and active participants. Please contact LWVD (lwvdetroit@gmail.com) if you feel your name should be included on any of these committees.

  • Voter Registration Grant: Sarah Niskanen, Chair & Anne Parker This time-limited committee fulfills grant responsibilities to get students and new citizens registered to vote. Committee members hold registration drives at high schools and naturalization services. 
  • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI): Cheryl Bukoff, Gerry Barrons, Cheryl Birks; Mame Jackson & Angela Simmington ⏤ This ongoing committee develops DEI goals for LWVD and works to address membership, collaboration, services, and reports with a DEI lens. (Review the national League DEI statement on the LWVD About Us webpage.)
  • Speakers Bureau:  Rhonda Craig, Chair; Charles Thomas & Anqunette Sarfoh  This ongoing committee receives training to represent LWVD in presentations about the League to other organizations and addressing issues of League advocacy.
  • Observer Corps:  Roberta Deering, Chair & Cheryl Bukoff This ongoing committee regularly attends and reports on meetings of governmental units, such as the Wayne County Board of Canvasssors and Wayne County Elections Board.
  • VOTE411:  Susan Slattery, Chair; Deborah Bunkley & Sara Weertz This committee is active during primary and general election periods, contacting candidates for biographical info and written responses regarding their candidacy. Candidate responses are downloaded to the VOTE411 Voter Guide (online and print). The latter of which is distributed to libraries, churches, and recreation centers, and is published in The Detroit News.
  • Membership:  Cheryl Bukoff, Coordinator & Gerry Barrons This committee acts as a cheerleader, encouraging the LWBD board and members to build the League, develops plans to recruit new members, manages membership renewal, and maintains the membership list for local and state activities.
  • Voter Services: Vacant, Chair; George Cook; Betty Burdette; Laura Isom; Anne Parker; Rhonda Craig; Cheryl Birks; Cheryl Bukoff; Ruth Koelewyn & Jennifer Dye Committee responsibilities are divided into two areas: 
  1. Voter Registration⏤hosts voter registration tables at community events; provides clear and accurate election information, empowering people to get out the vote
  2. Voter Education⏤provides straightforward, nonpartisan information about candidates and ballot issues by hosting in-person and online debates and candidate forums (see Candidates Forums below for more info on this select committee). Partner with Detroit Public Library to present webinars and educational forums.
  • Commission Engagement: Cheryl Birks, Chair & Cheryl BukoffThis ongoing committee identifies boards and commissions in Highland Park, Hamtramck, and Detroit; designs and distributes advertising that encourages community attendance at and membership on these boards and commissions.
  • Nominations: Gerry Barrons, Chair; Valerie Ash & Deborah Bunkley: Each year, the LWVD Board of Directors nominates this committee to develop a slate of board members willing to run for League offices; in May, during the Annual Membership Meeting, members vote on the slate.
  • Newsletter: Sara Weertz, Cheryl Bukoff This ongoing committee designs and writes articles, and contacts others for contributions to produce and publish the LWVD online newsletter, LWV Detroiter.
  • Elected Officials Guide:  Angela Simmington, Chair This committee performs periodic work to research election results and revise the Elected Officials Guide (both online and in print). Handles distribution of the Elected Officials Guide throughout the community along with the LWVD website (lwvdetroit.org) and the LWV Detroiter newsletter.
  • Website: Sara Weertz, Chair This ongoing committee maintains all aspects of the LWVD website (lwvdetroit.org) ensuring its contents are nonpartisan, informational, and up to date.
  • Candidates Forums: Rhonda Craig, Chair This committee meets for certain elections to develop in-person and online candidate forums (with or without partners and/or cosponsors); responsibilities include the design and distribution of candidate invitations and forum advertising, securing venues and facilities set up, conducting the forums, and managing the forum recordings.

LWVD is always in need of volunteers to assist with committee work. We hope more members will pledge to join at least one committee…and we won’t stop you if you want to sign up for more. If you’re interested in hearing more about specific committees and/or you’re willing to volunteer your time in a particular area, please contact us at lwvdetroit.org and use the committee name in the Subject Line.

Alone we do so little; together we can do so much.  ⏤ Helen Keller