SCOTUS Stands with People over Politics

[Tuesday, June 27, 2023]. The Supreme Court chose people over politics. SCOTUS ruled in Moore v. Harper, affirming the essential role of state courts to weigh in on laws relating to federal elections in their states. The Court rejected the dangerous “independent state legislature” theory, which would have granted state legislatures nearly unrestricted authority to run federal elections without checks and balances. This decision is a huge victory for our democracy and firmly places people over politics. 

The League has been a leading voice in conversations around this case and its implications on voters and our elections. Last year, LWVUS and Leagues from all 50 states and the District of Columbia filed an amicus brief, focusing on the effect ISLT would have on elections across the country. Last December, hundreds of League members stood together in front of the Supreme Court as justices heard arguments for the case.

Read the LWVUS press release and learn more about the decision on

LWVUS and Leagues from all 50 states and DC filed a brief focusing on Moore v. Harper‘s massive election implications. None of this would have happened without your tireless support. Your partnership allowed Leagues to launch this unprecedented, nationwide effort.

Now, we celebrate an enormous victory for voters.