My heart and my hands will always be with the League

When I joined the Detroit League in 2015, I was immediately impressed with their quality standards. Since childhood, I had known of the fame and prestige of the League, but I was overwhelmed by the high standards maintained for this august group.  I have been a board member and chair of several non-profit organizations. Many did not have absolute protocols or procedures and no clear mission. Many had objectives that shifted, leaving me questioning how to proceed with projects. There is no such uncertainty with the League. LWV objectives are clear and concise. The mission (or prime directive as I call it) is easy to follow and build upon. It has made me more confident and secure with League work. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this dynamic group.

Rhonda C

Detroit League is a Family Affair

I’m a native Detroiter, born and raised in the house my family lived in for 40+ years. My mother was a member of the Detroit League, often hosting membership meetings in our living room. Mom was also active with League fundraising events, most memorable the sale of the LWV calendar. For as long as I can remember, this humble calendar hung over our telephone desk, displaying my mother’s handwritten notes signaling evenings out, meetings, and appointments. Carrying on our family tradition, I am an active member of LWV of Detroit, supporting the League’s oldest chapter in the United States.

Sara W Native Detroiter

LWV Detroit feeds my inner drive to take action

Like many of you, I was disappointed at the voter turnout for the 2016 presidential election. This created a “fire in my belly” to do something, but I didn’t know what. Shortly after the election, I attended a Detroit Women’s Forum Luncheon where Detroit Leaguers distributed information about the League of Women Voters. It was one of those “ah ha” moments where events transpire to help us achieve our goals. I joined the League and haven’t looked back. I have participated in voter registration drives, arranged fundraising events, authored the application for Detroit’s full chapter status, and much more. But the best part is meeting new people associated with the League!

Susan S

Voting rights is in my blood

My parents are from the segregated, Jim Crow South. I was born in Manchester, Georgia,  and was delivered by my great aunt who owned property and worked, but was denied the right to vote. My great, great uncle, who had been given the right to vote, had it taken away.  My father served in WWII as a cook in the Navy; and yet he was denied the right to vote when he returned from the war. That’s when my father moved the family from Georgia to Hamtramck, MI. I stand on many shoulders, proudly.


Deborah B

LWV diligently maintains integrity of non-partisanship

I joined LWV when the Detroit League was resurrected in 2015. I joined because I want to support the League’s mission to strengthen democracy through voter registration and education. At the time, I didn’t know much about the organization. I have since learned why the League is the nation’s most respected and effective organization: because it has a tried, true, and tested structure at the national, state, and local level. Like building blocks, each level follows goals and objectives to ensure every eligible voter has an opportunity to register and to vote. LWV training and peer mentoring is built into the structure to not only guarantee success but also ensure we do not reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Every League holds voter registration drives, hosts candidate and community forums, and contributes to VOTE411 (the LWV Voter Guide). Yet we also have the freedom to experiment with new and creative ways to support of the League’s mission. For example, the Detroit League can identify and study local and/or state issues for a subsequent presentation and vote during a membership meeting or for agreement at the State Board level. The League relies on knowledge, on facts, and on community engagement to accomplish its goals.  I am proud to be a member of the Detroit League. I want to see our League grow in numbers, in diversity, and in results!

Cheryl B