Virtual Events

Under normal circumstances, the Detroit League would be hosting candidate forums, town halls, and educational events as a way to introduce political candidates and educate voters on issues relative to the community and country. But these are not normal times. So for the immediate future, we will continue to fulfill our obligations by posting digital information (virtual presentations and informational/educational videos, online candidate forums, etc.). See below for links and information about upcoming virtual events as well as informational videos regarding the Census, the Citizens Redistricting Commission, and Michigan’s new voting laws.

If a virtual event was recorded, the link to the recording will be listed under Past Events (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

How Political Cartoons Happen

[Tuesday, May 11 @ 6:00pm] The Detroit Public Library and the Detroit League of Women Voters team up to present another unique forum with political cartoonists, Mike Thompson, Editorial Cartoonist for Detroit Free Press, and Henry Payne, who creates syndicated cartoons that appear in The Detroit News. Our panelists will explain how they got into political cartooning, what is involved, and what they try to do with their cartoons. Please join us to find out what the government looks like from a cartoonist’s point of view. Find the zoom link below. Feel free to share the link to this free forum with friends and family.  

Click here for the Zoom link to attend the forum ⏤

Detroit League May Membership Meeting

[Saturday, May 15, 2021 @ 10am⏤12:00noon] We encourage you to join us for our May membership meeting where will host a special presentation from the Girl Scouts.

LWV of Michigan Biennial Convention (May 21-22, 2021)

[May 21-22, 2021] Defending Democracy is the timely theme for the League of Women Voters of Michigan’s 2021 Biennial Convention. Although this year’s convention will be virtual, it will include all the features you are used to seeing at an in-person convention: plenaries, workshops, awards, panel discussions…even a silent auction. We will miss seeing you in person, but we know this is the best way to protect the safety of our members.

While the Detroit League has four convention voting delegates, it is important to note all League members are invited and encouraged to attend. The convention registration fee is $75 for a voting delegate and $35 for any non-voting member. To ensure convention materials and meeting links (i.e., links to plenary sessions, workshops, and panel discussions) are emailed to you prior to the start of the convention, Registration Deadline is May 10.

Click Here for the 2021 LWV of MI Convention Registration Link.

Although different for the categories of registrants (voting delegates and non-voting members), the convention’s two platforms will provide full access to plenary sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. We hope a lot of you can join us as we conduct League business and have some learning opportunities along the way. 

SILENT AUCTION! We hope that you will consider supporting LWVMI through the Silent Auction that will be offered on the state convention website. Bidding begins at 8:30 p.m. on May 21, and ends at 2:00 p.m. on May 22. Bidding will be by email, so watch for special instructions. 

All items will be featured on the convention website. See the current list. Auction items highlights include the “South Haven Escape “ vacation, the last bottle of VOTE wine.

If you have an item to add to the auction, call Ken Manley at 269 330 8579. The end date for adding items to the auction is May 15. 

VOTE” Zoom Backgrounds

Use these “VOTE” backgrounds for your Zoom platform. Follow instructions below to add a virtual zoom background.

  1. Copy and paste background to your desktop.
  2. Sign in to Zoom desktop client.
  3. Click Settings (in profile, top right corner).
  4. Click Virtual Background (left menu).
  5. In Choose Virtual Background, click ✛ to add an image.

Courtesy of LWV of Minneapolis. For more information, click this link:

Virtual Town Hall: New Voting Rights

Look here for information on new voting laws in the state of Michigan.

Informational Video: Absentee Voting

As part of their Voting 101 series, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and the City of Southfield, MI, produced a voter informational video about Absentee Voting.  Click here to view the video.

Virtual Town Hall: Census 2020

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the United States and five U.S. territories. In mid-March, homes across the country began receiving invitations to complete the 2020 Census. Once the invitation arrives, you should respond for your home in one of three ways: online, by phone, or by mail. When you respond to the census, you’ll tell the Census Bureau where you live as of April 1, 2020.

Click here for the link to frequently asked questions about the Census, such as what the census form looks like and what questions it asks.

Virtual Town Hall: Citizens Redistricting Commission⏤The Answer to Gerrymandering

Every 10 years following the U.S. Census, district lines for political offices must be redrawn in states across the country to accurately reflect their population. In Michigan, a randomly selected commission of citizens is responsible for drawing U.S. Congressional and Michigan State House and Senate district lines. Voters amended the state constitution in the November 2018 general election to make citizens — not legislators or special interests — responsible for drawing district lines (called “redistricting”). The commission will be composed of 13 randomly-selected Michigan registered voters: four who affiliate with the Democratic Party, four who affiliate with the Republican Party, and five who do not affiliate with either major political party.

2021 Past Events

Brews & Views⏤Election Security: Facts, Myths, and Fixes

League of Women Voters Ann Arbor Area Brews & Views

[Wednesday, April 14, 2021 ] The League of Women Voters Ann Arbor Area hosted another Brews & Views forum on election security, lead by J. Alex Halderman, PhD, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Director for the Center for Computer Security and Society, University of Michigan.

The U.S. election system is the bedrock of our democracy, but disinformation and conspiracy theories have shaken many voters’ confidence. There is no credible evidence the 2020 presidential outcome was affected by fraud, but some individuals and media organizations continue to sow doubts. At the same time, U.S. elections do face real security threats, including increasingly aggressive hacking attempts by hostile governments. After years of underinvestment, some states have recently adopted stronger safeguards, but the nation as a whole remains a patchwork of strength and weakness. Without further action by Congress and the states, future elections will be vulnerable to both real attacks and false accusations of fraud. It is essential that voters be accurately informed about election security, both to counter disinformation and to understand what risks call for urgent action.

Follow this link for a recording of the Brews & Views Election Security forum:

DPL/LWV Collaborative Series: MI Independent Redistricting Commission

[March 9, 2021] The Detroit Public Library and Detroit League of Women Voters offered another virtual presentation in their 2021 collaborative series with the first-ever discussion with the MI Independent Redistricting Commission, who presented a history of the commission as well as where they are in their current deliberations and their timeline to redraw the electoral districts in Michigan. One of our Detroit League members has been monitoring the Commission on behalf of the State League and she reported on how the Commission is functioning. 

To review this recorded event, click this link:

For more information on this past event, refer to the flyer below.

Flyer for DPL/LWV March 2021 Collaborative Series

New Detroit’s Town Hall Series: Voter Preparedness and Suppression Part II

October 23, 2020 ⏤ New Detroit’s Town Hall Series, “Content and Conversations on Race” in partnership with Bridge Detroit has a new topic: “Voter Preparedness and Voter Suppression.” Special guests include Hassan Jaber, President & CEO of ACCESS, Rana Elmir, Deputy Director of the ACLU of Michigan and moderator, Heaster Wheeler, Assistant Secretary of State.

Watch the recording by clicking on the following link:

AKA/LWV Collaborative Series: MI Redistricting Town Hall

Forum flyer
AKA/LWV Michigan Redistricting Forum flyer

[Thursday, April 8 @ 6:00pm] Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority-Tau Alpha Omega Chapter and the Detroit League of Women Voters hosted the first in a series of 2021 collaborative forums regarding Michigan’s redistricting efforts. The guest speaker was Charles Thomas, Jr., minister for People of Purpose Ministries, a long-standing distinguished member of LWV, a member of several voting rights groups, and a founding member of the Detroit League’s Speakers Bureau.

Click the link below to watch the recorded event:–Vhx4XoRVYxfy2Ld8zTgCRphCWmB-InGapy65n-8gdmKtVfd._YusGAYqIVmaACot