The future of our families, communities, and country is at stake. No matter what zip code we live in or the color of our skin, our voices are equal at the ballot box, and we could all use some help making sure our voices are heard. is the League’s one-stop shop to find all the information you need to cast your ballot. It’s virtual, nonpartisan, and available in both English and Spanish. 

Even for those who’ve voted before, the process can be confusing. Election rules differ from state to state and can change between elections. VOTE411 gives you personalized information so you’re prepared to vote in every election. Whether it’s local, state, or federal, every election is essential to ensuring our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of our communities. 

Discover all your voting options, from early voting to absentee and mail-in voting, to voting on Election Day, and make an election plan that fits your life. 

The League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) launched VOTE411 in October 2006 as a “one-stop-shop” providing nonpartisan information on the election process:

  • Absentee ballot information
  • Ballot measure information (where applicable)
  • Early voting options (where applicable)
  • Election dates
  • Factual data on candidates in various federal, state, and local races
  • General information (e.g., how to watch debates with a critical eye)
  • ID requirements
  • Polling place locations*
  • Registration deadlines
  • Voter qualifications
  • Voter registration forms
  • Voting machines

*The polling place locator is the most sought-after information leading up to and on Election Day.