LWVMI Voices Strong Opposition to Passing of Anti-Voter Bills

Opposition to Anti-Voter Bills


LANSING [June 16, 2021] ⏤ The League of Women Voters of Michigan today condemned the Michigan Senate’s passage of bills to make voting more difficult.  

“In 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly voted to make voting more convenient, not more restrictive,” said Christina Schlitt, president of the League of Women Voters of Michigan. “These anti-voter bills will lead to voter disenfranchisement and make it more difficult for voters to exercise their rights. Michigan’s elections are fair and secure; there is no need for this legislation.” 

The Michigan Senate voted to pass three bills today expanding ID requirements for voters before their ballots can be counted. The bills remove the option to vote by affidavit if a voter does not have a suitable ID and require voters to submit identifying information for an absentee ballot application. 

“These bills directly and negatively affect seniors, people with disabilities, people with limited incomes and young people, who all have difficulty obtaining the type of ID that is sometimes required to vote,” Schlitt said. “Michigan has voter ID laws on the books, and our system for affidavit options has worked for decades. These new restrictions are unnecessary.”