August Highlights

August Highlights

No More Excuses: Voting Rights Now

On Tuesday, Aug. 24th, the League and our allies at People For the American Way hosted a rally and act of civil disobedience in front of the White House, calling on President Biden and his administration to use the full extent of their power to pass pro-voter reforms like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA) and the For the People Act

League members from across the US, including a contingent from Arizona, traveled to DC to make their voices heard. 

In response to the protest, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that President Biden “stands by the activists and their vocal calls for more and for forward action. I would say he’s with them.”   

LWV looks forward to seeing President Biden back up his words with actions supporting the freedom to vote. 

The House Supports the Freedom to Vote

Later that same day, the US House took a major step forward in their work towards voter equality by passing the John Lewis VRAA. This essential legislation would restore the Voting Rights Act and its protections regarding discrimination against voters of color. 

Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, President of the LWVUS, responded: “We commend the House on passing this critical piece of legislation. Unfortunately, the US Senate is deadlocked on voting rights, which is why the League of Women Voters is calling on the White House to bring lawmakers together, remove the obstacles in the way, and work collectively on behalf of the American voters to see this legislation become law.” 

Ready, Set, Draw! Redistricting Begins

This month, the US Census Bureau released the data necessary to begin America’s once-in-a-decade map-drawing process. This process is critical, as it determines whether communities across the country are fairly and accurately represented for the next ten years. 

Through our People Powered Fair Maps™ program, the League is empowering people across the nation to become involved in their local redistricting process. Learn more about redistricting and fair maps