Election Security: Facts, Myths, and Fixes

[Wednesday, April 14, 2021 @ 7:00-8:30pm] The League of Women Voters Ann Arbor Area will host another Brews & Views forum on election security, lead by J. Alex Halderman, PhD, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Director for the Center for Computer Security and Society, University of Michigan.

The U.S. election system is the bedrock of our democracy, but disinformation and conspiracy theories have shaken many voters’ confidence. Unfounded allegations about the 2020 election include that results were hacked by voting machine manufacturers, that tens of thousands of ballots were misplaced, destroyed, or counted twice, and that thousands of people voted illegally. There is no credible evidence that the 2020 presidential outcome was affected by fraud, but some individuals and media organizations continue to sow doubts. 

At the same time, U.S. elections do face real security threats, including increasingly aggressive hacking attempts by hostile governments. After years of underinvestment, some states have recently adopted stronger safeguards, but the nation as a whole remains a patchwork of strength and weakness. Without further action by Congress and the states, future elections will be vulnerable to both real attacks and false accusations of fraud. It is essential that voters be accurately informed about election security, both to counter disinformation and to understand what risks call for urgent action.

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